My journey to study abroad !



My name is Amara Esquinca, and I am currently a full-time student at Oklahoma State University majoring in International Business. Along with a busy academic schedule, I also work in order to cover my bills! Recently, a professor presented an opportunity to study abroad that would highly benefit my academic career as well as build professional experience and greater cross-cultural understanding. However, due to my current financial demands, I cannot afford to pay for the class and travel expenses. Therefore, I’ve teamed up with my great friends at Excellence Apparel to fundraise and pursue my journey to study abroad. With your help, I will be in Greece this coming summer.

On this trip, I will learn about the nature of global business. This program will introduce me to international management and will examine the roles that politics, economics, religion, ethics, and culture play. The trip includes visits to the U.S Embassy, the Acropolis, Cape Sounion, the Temple Poseidon and
a ferry trip to the Islands of Hydra and Mykonos. All information will be presented through lectures and team projects.

Special topics of discussion include the current economic crisis and the growing importance of
environmental concerns. By taking this study trip, I will receive the
knowledge, experience, and resources needed to become successful as a student and future businesswoman in a global economy. 


Below, you can purchase a t-shirt that
I've collaborated on with Excellence. All proceeds from the shirt will go towards
trip funds. Also, you can donate any amount you would like in order to help
fund this trip. The total amount I need to raise in order to fund this trip is a total
of $3,000 ($1,500 by the end of December and the remainder by May 1st. )

Donors who give $100+ receive a free t-shirt of their choice + special gift.
Anything over $500 will receive 1 year of free clothing (2 pieces per month) from Excellence Apparel.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, love, and thoughts toward helping me achieve my goal!

With love,


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