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Excellence offers services ranging from printing & designing, to business consulting, marketing, and more at great prices.


What We Do

Our different areas of expertise

Film & Photo

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  • Personal Photography - From weddings to family photos, we can help you capture a memory.
  • Commercial Photography - For any business looking to bring their image to the next level.
  • Headshots - Individual & business headshots in the highest quality.
  • Album Covers - For any musician looking for help completing their masterpiece.
  • Video Commercials - For any business looking to create an outstanding commercial.

If you need to contact us with any last minute inquiries, please send an e-mail to Contact@ExcellenceApparel.com or call us at 305-504-1129.

Website Design

Need help creating a home?


Shops [Online Retail]




Our range of skill in web design will suit anyone looking to build an image online. Fill the form below so we can help! We've helped create some amazing pages, such as Overcome Apparel, while also helping furnish websites with beautiful photos and video.

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Printing & Design

Looking for shirt printing for your clothing line? Maybe a new decal? Or are you looking to create a logo that will be remembered forever?

Excellence works with it's partners to bring you high quality clothing printed for you. We also have a team of graphic designers and creative minds who help bring out the best in your ideas.

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